Jual lampu sorot solar cell 20 watt type GC-FL02-20W (Seperate type with 3M cable) dengan time control

Jual lampu sorot tenaga surya murah 20 watt GC-FL02-20W (Seperate type with 3M cable)


-MODEL:GC-FL02-20W  (Seperate type with 3M cable)

-Material: Aluminum/Galvanization/Hardware

-SOLAR PANEL: 6V/10W Polycrystalline

-POWER: 20W  40pcs Super bright 5730

-Battery: 3.7V Ternary Lithium 8Ah

-Control mode: Light+Time (Default 8 hours,down power every 2 hours) 

-Illumination area: 12-15 square meters

-Charging Time: Under 1000W/m2 sunshine criteria,6-8hours

-Working Time: Under condition of full battery, 3-4 rainy days

-Installation: Wall or under 4 meters pillar height

-Application :Gate,Garden, Yard, Cottage